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Beef Liver – To Eat or Not To Eat?

Beef liver is powerhouse of nutrients, but only if it is from grass fed beef. In all the other cases it is not recommended to eat. WHY? Liver is bodys chemistry lab, and organ where all detoxication is done. So if there are some artificial things in food for cattle it will come to the … Continue reading Beef Liver – To Eat or Not To Eat?

Big Arms – Get Bigger

Good morning girls and guys From this point of view my arms are not so bad at all And I am thankful for all that is achieved. Looking better, feeling better, and got stronger Those training plans, and nutrition plans for gaining muscle mass are great. I feel like I am born again Have a … Continue reading Big Arms – Get Bigger

Muscle Mass BuildingResult

Good morning Yesterday Schooll was great. Today, we are in fitness and bodybuilding again. This is my friend Marko, one amazing guy. He did some serious muscle mass building. He looks fantastic. I am looking for new clients, and first 5 clients for online personal trainings will get one great surprise Have a great monday … Continue reading Muscle Mass BuildingResult

Muscle tonus improvement – client story

Good morning folks Today is Flex Friday, and it will not be about me This is improvement from one client. She did not train for years and her muscle tonus was very weak when she came. Yesterday we saw improvement. This is her biceps. Ok she is is on machine but it is very big … Continue reading Muscle tonus improvement – client story