T-bar Rows – For The First Time For Me!

Good morning Yesterday I did back training, and for the first time I included T-bar rows. Before that was not alowed to me but now I can start with this exercise. Why did I start? Chinups and lat pulldowns will make your lats wider, but if you want a thick, densely muscled back, you need … Continue reading T-bar Rows – For The First Time For Me!

Our First Trip to Barcelona

Good morning friends Once upon a time. One of our trip to Barcelona Beautiful city, great people, amazing adventure. Our first extravaganza event. That was fantastic expirience. A little bit tired here, that was the first year of my weightloss journey, and we were walking to much (now it is not that bad, but at … Continue reading Our First Trip to Barcelona

Chests Training For Today

A powerful-looking upper body starts with big chests. There's no denying that heavy presses from the flat bench, incline, and decline positions are the basis of a solid mass-building chest routine, but there is much more. My chests training for today look like this: Flat Barbell Bench Press 4x10 Low Incline Dumbell Bench Press 4x10 … Continue reading Chests Training For Today

Awesome Weightloss Result

Good morning Instagrammers This is amazing result of my friend Edin. He lost 220 lbs. His discipline, and will to do something for him self made him acomplish such an amazing result. It is possible for anybody . . . I am always looking for people that need to: • Lose Weight • Lose Body … Continue reading Awesome Weightloss Result